Bowling secret!

SO… went bowling once in may with darling husband and some friends. And this is the most important secret to bowling (also, it displayed on the board everytime I started to bowl!) So you keep that in mind too next time you bowl!


FISH story.

One has always wondered what the fish wonder while swimming around in their fish pond. They move around calmly making their lips go ‘0’ and ‘O’ and ‘o’ and ‘.’ . I really do wonder what they re thinking.

They live such hum drum lives. I wonder what is the most exciting part of the day. Perhaps when theres a bigger bubble than usual. OR perhaps when a cutesy angle fish enters the aquarium. (fish#1: damn she’s good.I should date her.) (fish#2: damn she’s good. I should eat her.)


Shoe fetish anyone?


My new strappy shoe…. Oh… what is it about you my new strappy shoe?

You make me break out in a song and dance to it too…

Your heel goes tick tock on the wooden floor

And I can feel the power when I go out the door

I will wear you all over the world my strappy shoe

London New york Paris, it will only be YOU!

dedicated to CHOCOHOLICS!

My darling chocolate,

Sweeter than the sweetest

Darker than the darkest

You are the fix that I want

When things are looking down

(or even when things are looking up)

All joys and sorrows

I wanna spend with you

My dear chocolate.

When the skies are dark n grey

And the umbrella’s gone astray

You come to my rescue

N suddenly the skies are blue!

So to show my love

This lousy attempt of a prose trying to rhyme

N to tell you, dear chocolate

You’ll always be mine!

what’s all this about!

I m sitting on my sofa listening to Ornette sing Today is the day… la la la… it’s a nice and fun song. My sweetheart’s gone off to work and today’s his birthday. So I gotta make a great dinner tonight. Man I really like this song… SO. picture me with my feet up on my red sofa laptop on my knees looking out of the window with a glass of milk next to me. And m thinking today is the day…

M feeling very  happy and fun today. Dunno why really. May be coz I saw a rainbow yesterday. Or that my love woke me up with a sweet kiss in the morning and a cuddly hug in his arms. Or that it’s a sunny sunny day in Virginia. Today is the day. Today is THE day!

The day when I feel absolutely wonderful! Like when you feel like an absolute rock chick. Or retro chick. Or like the girl in the yellow trench coat. You know… The red trench coat is old now. The yellow is the new red! Or like when you feel like you can wear pink shoes and still look sassy. Or like being completely daft. Kinda like a Tim Burton funny character. Lol. Where IS this going?

oooh… on an irrelevant note… Ornette babe, you are simply delightful!

So… back to girl, mortified… I was thinking of a strong name like maybe Girl, Interrupted. (also I m a winona fan). But then I realized it’s not ME. Then I really felt Mortified went just right. Coz m always more of a startled/scandalized/mortified/wide eyed with wonder kinda person. And the world doesn’t ever fail to astonish me. Thus.. mortified! BINGO! M A JEEENIUSSS! purrfect name!

And also… really. Deep down m quite superficial. ;P

So here goes!